On: The Chicago Reader - Chicago designer and LA band Autolux take aim at Trump with a vagina full of rainbows

"Pussy's Dead was written before Trump's victory, but it still feels appropriate now—not just its title but also its haunting, dystopian lyrics and its oppressive atmosphere, which pulses anxiously like a sky full of drones. 'We didn't start a band to hold a torch and do the battle cry,' says Azar. 'But when it starts affecting us all, we can't help it. I'm a female; I experience sexism. I'm from Alabama; I know what racism is like. And when someone rises up and you become really emotionally affected, it's hard not to speak up.'"

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On: Looking at Appalachia, Call and Response - Celeste and Red 

"The dust stirred around her ankles and the county fair banner curled limp in the hot wind. Greasy machinery snarled in echoes across the lot, dripping down the metal skeletons. Conveyor belts hummed, gears chewed into other gears. Lovers kissed in public."

On: ArtBo - Hysteria 

"Hysteria is a testament to making real what I’ve been told is only in my head. A way to push into light everything a woman has desperately needed when she’s been ignored by those are supposed to help her. It’s a way to bring physicality to suffering, and to drag the real history of hysteria out of the shadows."


On: Archive Collective - My Body Knew Before I Did

"Soon, we’ll no longer have to remember anything. Photographs will tell our lives better than we can recall, and the millions being born now will have nearly every thought, feeling, and image from the very first instances of life captured and accessible on the internet. And slowly, as time carries on, a great portion of these images will become enriched ones, bending to the shifts of change, acquiring meaning, growing and warping into a nostalgia that we didn’t know would find us."