Site Copy and Promotional Writing

New Issue Press Release for Self-ie

While working as writer and editor for Aint-Bad Magazine, I created press releases for three of our newest printed issues, calls for entry, launch parties, and more. The following is an example for Issue No. 10, Self-ie.

Site Copy for Solid Care

I worked very closely over the course of several months with the owners of SOLID to create a website and blog full of content on the detailed processes for restoring and preserving surfaces. Together we created simple and interesting copy to engage and inform both existing and potential customers.

Copy for Analog Notebooks

I was approached to help capture the brand and tell the story of how the Analog Notebook was born. I wrote and edited copy for both the inside cover of the printed journal as well as the product website. 

Site Copy for TFG Invest

I experienced the steepest learning curve while working with The Fiduciary Group, but the client and I created a style that professionally and clearly illustrated the complicated concepts of wealth investment and management, while staying true to their family feel and southern office location.

Live Printing Email Blast for Barrel Maker

When Barrel Maker Printing expanded their business to Live Printing for events, I crafted several email blasts to inform potential clients. The company has since printed for Lollapalooza, CBS, and others.

Site Copy for Nerdio IT

Nerdio IT was looking for a total rebrand not just for their website, but for their entire company. I helped them settle into the sarcastic and punchy voice they desired, while also working with several other freelancers to translate their technical jargon into something fun, witty, but always informative.